Insta-Relief DM Pain Relieving Cream


About the product
  • SOOTHES ACHING INSTANTLY – Experience rapid relaxation in just a few seconds after rubbing this cream on your skin. It provides a quick response that delivers high strength and potent results in seconds.
  • INTENSIVE HEALING & REPAIR – Fight the tingling, burning and numbness on your feet, legs, hands, muscles and knees! Our cream helps restore the comfort your body needs to stay active and healthy.
  • ALL-NATURAL CARE – With plant-derived ingredients, this essential cooler improves your overall nerve health and aids in healing painful symptoms in the advanced way that only nature can provide.
  • SAFE FOR DAILY USE – This topical neuro-remedy treats sores safely. You can use it to aid you amidst distress up to four times per day. You’ll love the ultimate cooling and calming sensation!
  • PROFESSIONAL-APPROVED – Our pain reliever is authorized by the Bureau of Food and Drugs Administration and is recommended by several doctors. It has an effectiveness you can rely on.


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