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Kelly Ripa shares ‘nude’ selfie with husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa shares 'nude' selfie with husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa has rocked Instagram once again by sharing an intimate photo featuring her and husband Mark Consuelos, who appears shirtless in bed.

Referencing the sexual nature of the post, Ripa’s caption reads, “This is your thirst trappy reminder to watch an all NUDE #riverdale TONIGHT on @thecwriverdale 8/7 central.”

“Did i say nude? I meant new 🔥💦,” she added.

Actress Rachael Harris even chimed, stating, “Oh well done Mr. and Mrs. Consuelos. Well DONE.”

This is not the first time Ripa stunned her 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Just last week she shared a makeup-free pic, highlighting the TV host’s natural beauty.


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Kelly Ripa Dismisses Backlash to Joke About Son’s ‘Poverty’: ‘We Work and We Expect Our Kids to’

Kelly Ripa Dismisses Backlash to Joke About Son’s 'Poverty': 'We Work and We Expect Our Kids to'

“They only read a headline and wag their tired fingers,” the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host said of her critics

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos had to work hard to get to where they are today, and they want to instill the same values in their children.

After making a joke about how the couple’s eldest son Michael Consuelos is experiencing “extreme poverty” by having to pay his own rent for the first time, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host caught some flak on social media, with one critic saying the comment demonstrated “how disconnected the 1% is from the rest of the society.”

Responding to an Instagram comment, Ripa, 49, labeled the backlash as “fake outrage.”

“Michael goes to college and is a senior and works full time. He is in his first non parent subsidized apt with roommates,” she wrote underneath a recent photo of her and Michael, who is currently a student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

“I’m used to getting a lot of slack [sic] because people love to have fake outrage over something they didn’t see. They only read a headline and wag their tired fingers,” she continued, pointing out that she and her husband don’t come from wealthy backgrounds. “I didn’t grow up privileged and neither did @instasuelos. We work and we expect our kids to as well.

She added, “the fact that a pack of fools want to bitch about that, i say let em.”

Many fans have also come to her defense.

“I have a 22 year old who is a senior in college also and she can’t understand why we want her to get a part time job so she can start helping with her bills. Her dad and I worked all tru college. Good job on raising such a hard worker,” wrote one commenter, to which Ripa replied, “Thank you! You sound rational!”

“Good for you for not apologizing! People need to get a grip and learn what it means to take it within context. Well done on raising had working kids who don’t expected everything to be handed to them,” added another.

Another Instagram user noted that Ripa and her husband aren’t the first celebrity parents to make their kids work to earn their own money.

Will Smith told his kids ‘I’m rich. You’re not rich,’ ” they noted.

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Kaia Gerber, 18, models sports bra during workout as new flame Pete Davidson, 25, leaves her apartment with a duffel bag

Kaia Gerber, 18, models sports bra during workout as new flame Pete Davidson, 25, leaves her apartment with a duffel bag

Kaia Gerber enjoyed a sidewalk workout with her best friend Tommy Dorfman in New York City this Thursday.

The daughter of Cindy Crawford wore a white sports bra and a pair of leggings as she and Tommy completed a strenuous-looking exercise together. 

That same day, Pete Davidson, 25, could be spotted grinning and carrying a Louis Vuitton duffel bag as he left 18-year-old Kaia’s apartment.

Both the rising model and the 13 Reasons Why actor were wearing resistance bands around their legs during their workout session.

Kaia Gerber, 18, models sports bra during workout as new flame Pete Davidson, 25, leaves her apartment with a duffel bag

Tommy wore a dazzling medallion necklace over a blue tee and slipped into a pair of Nike shorts, with socks from the same brand.

While not working out, Tommy wore a denim coat over a print hoodie and popped on a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Pete layered a Louis Vuitton zip-up sweater over a Balenciaga top and had a white box tucked under one arm as he left Kaia’s apartment.

Their outing comes a day after Pete was glimpsed enjoying a brunch date with Kaia in New York hours after he was seen emerging from her apartment.

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How much will the Patriots miss Josh Gordon?

Ten thoughts related to the Patriots’ corps of receivers — a position at which the team made 31 roster transactions involving 17 players between the start of free agency in mid-March and moving Josh Gordon to injured reserve late Wednesday afternoon…

1. The timing and circumstances of the decision on Gordon suggest there are non-football reasons at play, particularly when considering the disconnect between reports his knee was recovering nicely and the team shutting him down later that same day. But, purely from a football perspective, the Pats aren’t all that much worse without him, and they won’t really miss him unless injuries, multiple, deplete their depth to the point they’re simply searching for a body who can play in their system. When he arrived in New England at age 27 he was already a long way from the tantalizing freak whose talents made him an All-Pro at 22, and while Patriots fans kept clutching to the expectation that “Flash” would reemerge, the reality of 2019 is that Gordon didn’t look like much more than an average player with good size but a lack of speed or explosiveness. He caught a long ball against Pittsburgh, used that size to shrug off a tackle en route to the end zone, and made a pair of nice catches when Tom Brady started force feeding him in the second half of a blowout against the Jets.

Other than those four plays, which all came in the first three weeks, Gordon’s 32 targets this season netted 16 completions for 173 yards and no touchdowns. During his time in Foxborough he caught four of 12 targets in the red zone, and fewer than half the passes sent his way on third down. Yes, he’s a decent player — but don’t be fooled by the big name and the monster season he produced six long years ago. Cutting ties with the 2019 version of Josh Gordon isn’t anything close to a season-killer.


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Kamille McKinney Missing Girl, 3, Found Dead in Alabama, Police Say

Missing Girl, 3, Found Dead in Alabama, Police Say

Kamille McKinney: Three-year old girl found dead 10 days after abduction from birthday party

The discovery of the toddler, Kamille McKinney, who was also known as Cupcake, came 10 days after she went missing from a birthday party, the police said. A man and a woman in custody face kidnapping and capital murder charges.

A man and a woman in custody face kidnapping and capital murder charges after the remains of a missing 3-year-old girl believed to be Kamille McKinney were found on Tuesday in Birmingham, Ala., the authorities said.

The discovery came 10 days after the girl was last seen at a birthday party, the police said, adding that the case had “touched a nation.”

A three-year-old girl who was abducted from an outdoor birthday party in Alabama nearly two weeks ago has been found dead, according to police.

The body of Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney was discovered in a dumpster 10 days after she disappeared from a public housing community in the city of Birmingham.

Two suspects, Patrick Stallworth, 39, and his girlfriend Derick Brown, 29, have been arrested and face charges of capital murder and kidnapping.

“We believe this was something they thought about and acted upon,” said Birmingham Police chief Patrick Smith. “They saw an opportunity to take a young child, which they did.”

CCTV footage released by police last week showed Kamille, who was wearing a pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt, playing with another child outside the Tom Brown Village complex at around 8pm on 12 October. 

They can be seen picking up items from the floor before a man approaches them and appears to lead them out of sight. It was reported that a man and a woman had been seen “enticing children with candy”.

Birmingham Police said they had been searching through all the trash taken to a landfill site from one area of the city when they found the remains of a child in a dumpster.

“Locating the remains were the last piece of the puzzle we needed to bring the murder and kidnapping charges,” the chief added.

He said Kamille had “touched a nation”, adding: ”This young child has definitely sent a message across that nation that we all must be diligent to protect them all.

“I hope that this message is not lost to young mothers, to grandmothers, and to the entire Birmingham community. It only takes a split second.


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Scorpio season starts today, and there’s a good chance you’re going to find your soulmate

Scorpio season starts today, and there's a good chance you're going to find your soulmate

Scorpio season starts today, October 23rd. And we can expect…the unexpected. Spooky! This Scorpio season is slightly different from what we’d usually experience. Yes, we have the usual elements of Scorpio: secrets, digging deep, looking for depth and connection, and going on a discovery mission, both inner and outer. But we also have a very unique, unpredictable, and exciting element to this season.

Scorpio season starts with a powerful new moon in contact with the planet of the unpredictable, Uranus.

Thus, we can expect this season to bring about sudden and powerful changes. Relationships might be particularly unpredictable and subject to powerful new beginnings. If you have been waiting for things to get out of a rut, now is the time.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, going into a crisis, and plunging into the underworld—only to come out of it resurrected into a brand-new person. This Scorpionic process is very much present during this season, but it’s also quite accelerated. You can expect the energy to bring fast growth, fast changes, and powerful plot twists.

Relationships will be a very important matter during this Scorpio season. But there will also be a great focus on personal growth and inner discovery. Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31st and will bring powerful shifts for everyone in the matters of relationships, personal values, personal growth, and finances.

During Scorpio season, everyone tends to turn into an armchair psychologist.

If you’re already inclined to think this way, you will find yourself even more perceptive and inclined to see reality as it is—for the truth of it. Even if you’re not someone who finds it enjoyable to assess and reflect on yourself and others, you will most definitely experience an increased focus on self-inquiry and introspection during this season.

Scorpio energy is about seeking truth above all else—above comfort, continuity, stability, and enjoyment. Scorpio energy experiences pain more than other energies. Not because it finds it enjoyable, but because it’s all about facing truth, experiencing the pain associated with it, and transmuting this pain into growth and resilience.

During Scorpio season, we can all brace ourselves and expect to discover secrets and truths we might find painful or difficult.

But the purpose is to develop strength and resilience by facing what is. A bit dramatic? Yes, but Scorpio energy is all about transforming darkness into light. Consider yourself warned!

Let’s finish on a happier note. Soulmate connections are most definitely possible for a lot of us during this Scorpio season. You know what they say: After the rain comes the rainbow. Because Scorpio season is all about connecting deeper with ourselves and with the parts of our soul we would usually rather ignore, this newfound connection to the self allows for more soul-aligned connections to enter our lives.

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NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Veterans That Could Realistically Be Traded

NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Veterans That Could Realistically Be Traded

It’s not quite the MLB trade deadline, but the NFL trade deadline, once a rather insignificant event, has become a big deal.

Already, four major trades have taken place – the Los Angeles Rams acquired cornerback Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars; the Baltimore Ravens acquired cornerback Marcus Peters from the Rams; the New England Patriots acquired wide receiver Mohamed Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers acquired wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos.

Even in a lost season, it feels overwhelmingly likely that the Falcons will retain future Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones. Here’s a look at some options that could realistically be traded before the Oct. 29 trade deadline:

Chris Harris – Cornerback, Denver Broncos

Harris was a key piece of an all-time great Broncos defense that willed the shell of Peyton Manning to a victory in Super Bowl 50. Four years later – and a few months from becoming a free-agent at the end of the season – Harris could become an intriguing addition for a cornerback-needy team looking to make a Super Bowl run.

Now 30, Harris has garnered trade interest from multiple teams, per Mike Klis of 9News in Denver.Though Klis says that one of the interested teams was the Houston Texans – who have since acquired Gareon Conley from the Oakland Raiders – there still figures to be quite a bit of interest in the four-time Pro Bowler.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who missed on acquiring Jalen Ramsey, have been one team speculated to be a potential fit for Harris. While the Eagles entered the seasons with Super Bowl aspirations, they’ve been hit hard with injuries and blown out the past two weeks by the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. At 3-4, there’s a legitimate discussion to be had about whether they should be giving up draft capital, but if the price for Harris is a fifth-round pick or less, it may be worth taking a flier.

Trent Williams – Left Tackle, Washington Redskins

Williams hasn’t played all season after requesting a trade in June. RADIO.COM NFL Insider Jason La Canfora says that Williams’ request is multi-layered – not only does the 31-year-old want his contract to be restructured, but he also was upset with how the Redskins medical team handled a matter pertaining to his health.

It’s hard to predict how the Redskins will handle Williams. There’s a case to be made that even if he probably won’t still be the same player the next time the Redskins are ready to contend, a young quarterback would be better developing with a seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle protecting his blindside. The Redskins used a first-round pick on former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins last NFL Draft, and with a 1-6 record, it stands to reason that they could be tempted to take a quarterback with a top five pick in 2019 if they’ve at all wavered on their belief in Haskins. One way or another, a young quarterback will likely be starting for the team in 2020.

That said, Williams hasn’t requested a trade while continuing to play for the Redskins. He’s sat out the season thus far. If a team like the Cleveland Browns makes a legitimate offer for Williams, it would seem to be a mistake for the Redskins to not seriously consider it. Then again, it’s the Redskins.

Kenyan Drake – Running Back, Miami Dolphins

The winless Miami Dolphins haven’t tried to hide that they are attempting to assure they obtain the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. For a team that hasn’t had a steady quarterback since Hall of Famer Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season, this strategy may make some sense.

That said, while the Dolphins are 0-6, the Cincinnati Bengals are 0-7. The Washington Redskins are 1-6. There may be some motivation from the Dolphins to assure they finish the season winless, which, in theory, would allow them to pick No. 1 overall next spring. That may mean trading some more veterans. The organization already traded left tackle Laremy Tunsil and safety Minkah Fitzpatrick in September.

Enter, running back Kenyan Drake, who Jay Glazer of The Athletic reported in September was drawing trade interest that the Dolphins were willing to engage.

Drake, 25, was a third round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and has averaged 4.6 yards per carry in 54 career NFL games. The Detroit Lions, after placing Kerryon Johnson on injured reserve could be a fit. So too could the Kansas City Chiefs, whose most effective rusher in 2019 has been 31-year-old LeSean McCoy.

Nick Mullens – Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers

This one is a bit outside the box, but James Brady of SB Nation says that “multiple teams” have contacted the 49ers about the possibility of trading for Mullens, a second-year pro.

Frankly, there’s a bit of a Jacoby Brissett feel here. As a rookie Brissett, stepped in for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo in New England, when Tom Brady was suspended. Ultimately, Brissett was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in September of 2017. Brissett started 15 games for the Colts in 2017, when Andrew Luck missed the entire season. He backed up Luck in 2018, but when Luck suddenly retired prior to the 2019 season, the Colts had a starting-caliber quarterback to turn to.

In eight games filling in for, ironically, Garoppolo, in 2018, Mullens tossed 13 touchdowns to 10 interceptions, while posting a 3-5 record as a starter. It wasn’t earth-shattering, but neither was Brissett for the Colts in 2017, when he tossed 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions, while posting a 4-11 record as a starter. It wouldn’t be a stretch for a team to think that Mullens could be a strong backup, and/or eventually develop into a starting-caliber quarterback in the right situation.

Again, there’s no indication that a trade is especially likely, but from a speculative sense he could make sense in quite a few places. The New England Patriots don’t currently have any sort of succession plan lined up in the event that Tom Brady retires at the conclusion of this season. The Tennessee Titans aren’t entirely out of playoff contention, but they seem prepared to move on from former No. 2 overall pick Marcus Mariota, and you kind of know what Ryan Tannehill is at this point. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face an uncertain future with Jameis Winston, whose rookie deal expires at the end of this season.

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Meet the T-72MJ: A Tank with Russian and Western DNA

T-72MJ: A Tank with Russian and Western DNA

One of the strongest industries of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) was its defense industry. During the Cold War, the SFRY flirted with both the West and the East, procuring and developing indigenous weapons based on technology from both sides. Perhaps one of the more interesting success stories was the success of the SFRY’s armor industry and its ultimate product, the M-91 Vihor Main Battle Tank.

The story of the Yugoslavian tank industry begins in the late 1940s, following Tito’s spat with Stalin.

Due to the Soviet Union blocking exports of it’s then-current tanks to the SFRY, while also threatening to invade, Tito himself asked workers at the Petar Drapšin factory if they could make a tank. The workers agreed, and the factory was able to produce a few tanks (around half a dozen) based on a modified T-34/85 design, called Tip (Type) A.

However these were not enough, so the Yugoslavians struck a deal with the United States for military aid. They acquired a number of M4A3E4 Shermans, M47 Pattons, M18 Hellcats, and M36/M36B1 Jacksons. Tito then made amends with the USSR in the 1950s. This allowed the SFR to acquire T-55s, T-54As, SU-100s, and T-34 Obr. 1960s. These were replaced by the newer T-55As which were donated by the Soviet Union to replace  the earlier models that the SFRY shipped to Egypt during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

This deal laid the foundations of good relations with the USSR for the purchase of the T-72, but this deal didn’t go smoothly. Czechoslovakia and Poland received licenses to produce the T-72 before Yugoslavia, and in the end, the license granted limited them to ten years of production or one thousand tanks, whichever came first and locked them into a purchase of a set number of T-72M and T-72MKs.

Factories from every Yugoslav republic contributed to the production of the Yugoslavian T-72, called the T-72MJ. The first T-72MJ rolled off the production line in 1983 and differed from other T-72Ms in that it featured a fully digital fire control system.


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Chicago Cubs to hire former catcher David Ross as next manager, per report

Chicago Cubs to hire former catcher David Ross as next manager, per report

The Cubs will hire former catcher David Ross as their new manager, Jon Heyman reported Wednesday. Ross, 42, had been working in the Cubs’ front office and will replace Joe Maddon, who recently agreed to manage the AngelsAstros bench coach Joe Espada had also been a finalist for the Cubs’ job, but the Cubs reportedly will go with the familiar hand in Ross, who has been long rumored to be Maddon’s replacement. 

Former Yankees and Marlins manager Joe Girardi, bench coach Mark Loretta and former infielder Mark DeRosa had also reportedly been candidates to replace Maddon. 

Ross has no managerial or coaching experience, but teams in recent years have shown a willingness to go with inexperienced candidates. Ross spent parts of 15 seasons as a big-league catcher, the last two of which came with the Cubs. In his final season of 2016, when the Cubs won the World Series, Ross split time at catcher with Willson Contreras and Miguel Montero. Ross homered in Game 7 of the World Series against the Indians that year. 

In addition to being a key member of that championship squad, Ross endeared himself to the Cubs’ young core at the time with his leadership skills and clubhouse presence. Given that many of those young players are still in place, Ross’ hiring will surely be popular in the clubhouse. Among his challenges will be managing a number of players who not so long ago were teammates. 

Ross inherits a talented roster that includes the likes of Kris BryantJavier BaezAnthony RizzoKyle Schwarber, Contreras and others. While the Cubs endured a disappointing 2019 season that saw them finish in third place in the NL Central, they’re not far removed from a 2015-18 run that saw them average almost 97 wins and make the playoffs four times. Ross’ challenge will be getting that still talented roster to find its level and return to the postseason while also distinguishing his leadership style from Maddon’s, which by most accounts had grown stale this past season. 

As for what else the Cubs need to do to make a resurgence happen, our own Matt Snyder provided his offseason blueprint not long after they were eliminated in the NL Central race


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The Cubs Make Managerial Choice In David Ross

The Cubs Make Managerial Choice In David Ross

It appears that the Cubs have made their choice, David Ross will be the next manager. Word broke early Wednesday that after a thorough interview process, Ross is the man for the job.

First to report the news was ESPN Chicago’s Jesse Rogers, who said on local radio Tuesday that he expected the hire to be announced this week, and then on Wednesday morning, NBC Chicago’s David Kaplan shared that a source had confirmed the rumors. Later on, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman and’s Mark Feinsand chimed in with further confirmation.

No official word from the Cubs has come and probably won’t until at least a World Series off day. There’s no rule against announcing news like this as the series is happening, but in the past, teams have generally tried to avoid upstaging the World Series. That means that Thursday or Monday are possible days for the team to acknowledge the rumors officially.

At any rate, Ross’s name has been on the lips of baseball punditry to replace Joe Maddon for at least since the team declined to renew Maddon’s contract after the 2018 season or even negotiate during the course of the past year.

Before landing on Ross, the Cubs appear to have done their diligence in interviewing internal candidates Mark Loretta and Will Venable as well as bringing in Joe Girardi and Joe Espada. The latter seemed a strong candidate, especially after word came that he had been invited back for a second interview, but ultimately the job has gone to the man expected to get it all along.

One element of the interview process that might have helped sway things was the ability to interact with media. According to Craig Mish, a radio host in Florida, Ross and Espada were asked to give mock press conferences and speeches to the team, and that’s where Ross stood out above Espada. That’s not a surprise, given what’s already known about Ross’s personality and charisma. Chicago can be a tough media market, and Maddon’s are very big shoes to fill, but Ross seems equal to the task.

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