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simple way to end anxiety and Panic Attacks

end anxiety and panic attacks
  1. Focus on Your Breathing
    The single, most important thing that you need to know
    when you are suffering from a panic attack or general stress
    is how to breathe correctly. When we panic, our bodies
    naturally start to breathe incorrectly. Unfortunately, the more
    inefficient your breathing, the worse your fear becomes, and
    a vicious cycle of panic starts, leaving you feeling
    completely out of control.
    As a general rule, if only your shoulders and chest are rising
    when you breathe in, you are breathing in a way that will
    significantly worsen your stress. That is why it is so
    important to make sure that when the breath, your abdomen
    is expanding with each breath in. When you are feeling
    anxious, this can end up feeling unnatural, and even like
    you are making things worse. It is essential that you
    continue doing it, no matter how uncomfortable you are
    feeling. When you breathe properly through your diaphragm,
    within minutes, your nervous system will begin to shift out of
    the sympathetic mode.
    The other vital thing that you need to try to remember is that
    you should spend more time exhaling that you do inhaling.
    Make sure that you are inhaling through your nose, and
    exhaling through your mouth. Again, you might feel
    uncomfortable and find it challenging to manage proper
    breathing when you are in the midst of an anxiety attack, but
    it is essential that you remain persistent. Some doctors even
    recommend making the “shhh” sound on your exhale
    because it naturally slows down your breathing. check here to learn more…

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